billion budget has been spent in the agriculture sector


billion budget has been approved for this year


thousand farmers are the direct beneficiaries


agricultural businesses are beneficiaries



Paving the Way for Economic Freedom

Each day that Benazir Yakta opens her Kabul-based business she is conscious of the responsibility she carries as a business owner and employer. Benazir long dreamed of starting her own business venture to express her entrepreneurial talent and provide a source of income for Afghan women. Benazir Yakta Trading Company, which exports an assortment of Afghan fruit and nuts, is the fulfillment of that dream and her unwavering determination to succeed. Today the company employs 105 persons, of which 100 are women. Receiving a recent Islamic financing from the ADF to purchase produce from Afghan farmers was yet another milestone for this proud business owner.

From a Small Dairy Farm to Profit-Driven Farming Business
“I have four cows that produce more than 28 kg of milk each day. In the past, I had to go to various dairy shops and faced challenges to sell my product. Thanks to Mia
Realization of a Dream
“I always dreamed that Afghanistan would one day manufacture its own agricultural machinery. ADF made my dream come true, and the ADF Islamic financing gave me the opportunity to be part of this process, create
True Potential of Afghanistan Agriculture
ADF has been in business with Bamyan Cooperatives for the past eight years. This year 53 agricultural Cooperatives (mostly potato growers) with 1,447 farmer members from Center, Yakawalang, Panjab, and Waras District of Bamyan had

Agricultural Development Fund

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