adf-home-pageThe Agricultural Development Fund (ADF) is a standalone government owned financial institution with the fundamental purpose of making credit available to the agriculture sector. The target clientele of the ADF includes small commercial farmers. As well as agribusinesses engaged in distribution of agricultural inputs, producers of high-value crops, processors and exporters of agricultural products.

ADF functions as a wholesale lender, channeling credit through financial and non-financial institutions. Agricultural credit provided by the ADF is enabling farmers and other players in the agriculture sector to put in practice modern production, processing and market development practices acquired in the last decade.

ADF is working in conjunction with ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock. www.mail.gov.af


adf-home-pageWith a view to bringing the working days of the Agricultural Development Fund (which is a part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock) in sync with the other offices of the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, it has been decided to change the working days for the ADF. With effect from 3rd January 2019Saturdays to Wednesdays.


Photo 4On January 15, 2019, His Excellency Mr. Nasir Ahmad Durani, Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock and Chairman of the ADF High Council had a-three-day trip to Herat province to inaugurate a number of irrigation projects located in Zandajan and Karokh districts of Herat province. During his visit, he also laid the foundation stone of Afghanistan Saffron Institute and visited some agribusinesses situated within Herat Industrial Park.

During the visit to agribusinesses, the ADF team of Herat joined the delegation. Most of the agribusinesses requested the Minister to extend their support with respect to expansion of their market and enhancement of their products. During his explanations, Mr. Durani indicated to the owners of agribusinesses that ADF was there that could possibly help with provision of financial support. He stated that ADF offers several lending products that can meet your credit needs. The ADF representative briefed the attendees regarding the available credit facilities with the ADF and asked them to pay a visit to the ADF Office in Herat for further discussions. 


Herat Shura 6 March 2019On 6th March 2019, Herat ADF Team conducted an Ag-Shura for 34 representatives of agricultural and livestock cooperatives who are located in districts of Herat ( Karokh, Ghoriyan, Zandajan, Gozarah and Injil) on Wednesday 6th March 2019. In Herat DAIL conference room.

The Ag-Shura opened by Mr. Mohammad Yar Sahebzadah General Director of Cooperatives, he explained about positive impact of loan on expanding the cooperatives’ businesses. He explained about ADF loan which has better facilities comparing to other financial institutions. He said ADF provides:

- Islamic loan.
- Lower mark up for the loan.
- Longer period loan.
- Technical services for better investment of loan and marketing.
- Grace period for the loan.
- Seasonality repayment.

He added that there are 187 agricultural and livestock cooperatives in Herat Province with about 21,000 farmers who are members of cooperatives, he persuaded all representatives of cooperatives to apply for the ADF loan because ADF provides Islamic Loan with the best facilities for agricultural and livestock cooperatives.

Mr. Bashir Ahmad Bahadori head of Herat Agricultural and Livestock Cooperative Shura also had a speech, he said’’ the cooperatives should use from loan because ADF provides agricultural and livestock loan with the good facilities and cooperative should uses from all opportunities to grow their businesses, he added the cooperatives are more active than before and they have business plans to grow their businesses, he asked all interested representatives of cooperatives to meet the ADF team and apply for the loan soon.

Herat ADF Team presented a presentation about ADF loan facilities and procedures by detail to participants also Mr. Zabiullah Hayat, ADF Islamic Finance Manager, explained to participants about positive impact of ADF loan on agricultural cooperatives in Bamayan Province, He said the Baymayan cooperatives applied and received the ADF loan, the requested loan invested in production of potato and the cooperative members increased their productions and paid the ADF loan first loan and applied for the ADF second and third loan.

He persuaded the cooperative board members to apply for the ADf loan and expand their businesses, he added ADF provides good opportunities for cooperatives with better facilities.

The representative of DAI/ AVC/ Crops project, Mr. Frogh presented a presentation about the CROPS project and procedures.

At the end of Ag- Shura, the participants had open discussion, the participants asked questions about the ADF loan procedures and loan criteria, the questions of participants answered by the ADF team, also Herat Technical Team explained about the technical services that ADF provides besides the loan especially about the marketing for their productions through participating in exhibitions and linking them with processors companies that are ADF clients and they are located in other regions.


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First day of the solar year is called farmer’s day in Afghanistan. It is a place where not only agriculture products and equipment are displayed and traded, but also new ideas and advanced practices exchanged on new ideas in the field of agricultural, production, advanced irrigation facilities, high quality seeds production and food preservation. The platform is also used for displaying the handicraft and handloom products traditionally woven by women in their homes. This is also the platform for the farmers and high government officials to directly interact with the farmers and entrepreneurs and listen to their problems, issues and address them at the strategic and policy levels.

The National Farmer’s Day Festival conducted in Herat on 24,03,2019, in this festival the Herat governor, high government officials from different government departments, high government officials from neighboring provinces (Badghis, Ghor and Farah) high officials from Kabul also DAIL projects (ADF, NHLP, OFWMP, AAIP. SNaPP2, FARM, CHAMP, ICARDA, GRAIN), NGOs (DCA, DAACAR, RAADA, CRDSA, and SDO) participated.

The Farmer’s Day Festival opened by Mr. Abdul Saboor Rahmani, Herat DAIL Director. Mr. Rahmani highlighted the Herat DAIL achievements and activities in year of 1397, he appreciated from Herat DAIL project and program partners for their full cooperation and coordination for implementation of Agricultural, Livestock and Irrigation projects also he appreciated from ADF for disbursement of loan in Agricultural and livestock sectors.

Herat governor, Mr. Abdul Qayum Rahimi, had a speech, he added agricultural, livestock and irrigation projects plays important role in improvement of country economic infrastructure, creating job opportunities and bringing sustainability in rural areas.

He thanked from DAIL director and his team also DAIL project and program partners that they provide facilities for the farmers and better live condition by implementing projects with coordination of Herat DAIL.

Mr. Abdul Qayum Rahimi, other official, representatives of private sector, farmer’s associations and cooperatives visited ADF booth and Herat team gave detailed information to visitors about ADF loan facilities, briefed the governor about ADF achievement during last year and ADF plan for New Year 1398. The team distributed brochures and business cards, during the Ag-Fair and interested visitors were invited to visit Herat ADF Office for more details.


Bamyan 4On March 26, 2019, ADF organized an agricultural credit Shura event for Bamyan Cooperatives, most them were potato growers. The Shura witnessed the participation of 66 Cooperatives, Bamyan DAIL Director, DAIL Cooperatives Manager, and media. ADF previously conducted similar Shura whose scale and coverage was not as vast as the one organized this year.

Mr. Abdul Wahab Mohammadi (Bamyan DAIL Director) opened the event by his productive remarks. He provided background information on ADF activities in Bamyan province and appreciated ADF for its considerable attention being paid to meet the credit needs of Bamyan poor farmers. He asked the participating Cooperatives to get maximum benefit from the ADF loans in order to make their lives better. He indicated that the ADF loans to Cooperatives have been very well designed that respond to actual needs of the farmers. However, the Cooperatives are required to pay their liabilities in due time, he strictly and repeatedly emphasized to the participants. He concluded his speech by pinpointing four major points to ADF; 1) alteration of district-level loan package, meaning good Cooperatives should not get victim of these with bad repayment history; 2) timely disbursement of loans to Cooperatives this year; 3) coordination with DAIL at the time of actual distribution of fertilizers order for the ADF and DAIL to jointly monitor the process; and 4) diversification of lending activities, meaning to cover other farmer associations, agribusinesses, and other farm related activities while the existing Cooperatives should remain at your top priority.

Afterward, Haji Qurban Ali Haqjo (Bamyan Cooperatives Manager) delivered a speech focusing on the ADF considerable accomplishments, constant and incredible works in Bamyan. He stated to the Cooperatives that the ADF has already commenced their work on your loan applications and packages for the upcoming season to support you. He stated that the early arrival of ADF delegation to Bamyan indicates that ADF is firmly stick to its commitments to Bamyan Cooperatives. He strictly requested the Cooperatives to clear their outstanding loan balances as soon as possible, and do not miss the opportunities ADF is providing to you.

Later, as a refreshing awareness program, ADF delivered a presentation to the participant to explain the lending criteria, policy, and participation procedures followed by questions and answers sessions. The event concluded with distribution of certificates of appreciation to successful Cooperatives.


Bamyan 2On March 25, 2019, ADF organized an agricultural credit Shura event for Bamyan women owned businesses and entrepreneurs to provide them with information about the ADF’s activities, and available lending opportunities. The agricultural Shura commended with recitation from some verses of the Holy Quran. Then, the ADF representative talked about the ADF overall activities, and major accomplishments with regard to working with Bamyan Cooperatives. Afterward, the Cooperatives Manager from Bamyan DAIL talked about the ADF activities in Bamyan and his eight years of experience working with these Cooperatives persuading them to utilize the ADF loans. After that, the ADF team delivered a comprehensive presentation to the participants followed by questions and answers sessions. During the presentation, in addition to explanation and elucidation of the ADF lending policy, terms and conditions, and participating procedures, the team gave detailed information about the ADF Banu loan product which is mainly designed for women involved in agricultural and livestock sectors.

In this event, 28 participants took part; among them were small-scale farmers, agribusinesses, associations and cooperatives run by women, beekeeping businesses, and dairy owners. At the closing of the event, The ADF Islamic Finance Manager provided answers to questions of the participants who also expressed interest in ADF loan facilities. The event was well organized and concluded successfully, and the feedback from attendees were satisfactory. As result of this event, at least two businesses will lodge their loan applications with the ADF immediately whereas several other will contact ADF to see their businesses and let them know the feasibility to apply.


IMG 3757On January 2019, the ADF team of Mazar-e-Sharif in close collaboration with Balkh Directorate of Agricultural, Irrigation and Livestock conducted a workshop to present ADF to farmer cooperatives operating in Balkh Province. Manager and members of Cooperatives Unit from Balkh DAIL, representatives from Balkh Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Heads of 17 Cooperatives were the participants of the event. At the outset, Mr. Abdul Ghani Faqiryar (Cooperatives Manager) spoke about needs of farmers and their frequent requests of having access to finance, and declared appreciation from ADF for providing such opportunity to inform farmers of ADF presence to meet their credit needs. Afterward, the ADF team delivered a comprehensive presentation focusing on lending eligibility/criteria, and procedures, which was most welcomed by participants. The presentation then was followed by questions and answers sessions. At the end, most of the participating cooperative expressed their interest and willingness to apply for ADF loans.


KandaharRecently, the ADF team of Kandahar held a meeting with Kandahar DAIL to further strengthen and enhance coordination between ADF and DAIL. In this meeting, Kandahar DAIL Director talked about the existing businesses involved in various agriculture sectors and discussed the available opportunities the ADF should not miss. The DAIL Director explained about volumes of fish meat produced by over 1,500 small and large fish farms in Kandahar province. He also stated that there are many poultry farms and other livestock and dairy farming. The ADF team also talked about the services the ADF can extend to support the agribusinesses with respect to their credit needs. The team discussed many ways to reach the businesses, among them was arranging an agriculture Credit Shura be participated by farmer Unions, Cooperatives, agribusinesses, fish and poultry farms to get acquainted with the ADF lending opportunities and participation procedures. DAIL Director appreciated the ADF efforts and promised to extend his support to extend possible.


adf-home-pageTwenty second session of the High Council of the Agricultural Development Fund (ADF) was held on May 27, 2019 at MAIL. The meeting started with opening remarks by H.E Nasir Ahmad Durrani, Minister of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL), and Chairperson of the ADF High Council.

The ADF team presented a comprehensive presentation on the agricultural loans portfolio, collection and recovery. The Hon’ble Minister Durrani appreciated efforts of the ADF which strongly supports agricultural farmers, ag-processing operations, inputs supply networks along with other major actors across the main agricultural value chains. H.E Minister Durrani assured the team that he will provide further support to boost local agriculture through access to finance.

The ADF strongly supports lending to Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) that make loans to very small-scale farmers and agri-businesses. The ADF team presented two loan proposals from Oxus Afghanistan and FINCA Afghanistan and received the High Council approval.

Oxus Afghanistan is committed to lend in the agricultural and agribusiness sectors as per the ADF policy. The ADF loan to Oxus Afghanistan will give benefit to more than 3,000 farmers (1,800 Male & 1,200 female) in Kabul, Parwan, Bamyan, Badakhshan, Kunduz, Takhar, Jawzjan, Herat, Faryab and Balkh provinces. While the ADF loan to FINCA Afghanistan will give benefit to more than 2,000 farmers (1,500 Male & 500 female) in Parwan, Baghlan, Kundoz, Takhar, Badkhshan, Kisham, Samangan, Sari-e-Pul and Jawzjan.

While concluding the meeting, the Hon’ble Chairperson, H.E Nasir Ahmad Durrani, recapitulated the important points and asked the ADF Management to further expand business operations throughout Afghanistan and reach out to all eligible farmers and agribusinesses.


Bamyan fertalizers

For the first time, in the spring of 2011, 438 potato growers - members of seven Cooperatives from Bamyan province- received loans from the Agricultural Development Fund (ADF). Potato production is a mainstay in Bamyan; however productivity was low due to two fundamental factors: the high price and poor quality of fertilizers available in the province; and the use of recycled and low quality seed.

To address the stated issues, ADF initiated its support to Bamyan Cooperatives by providing them with required loans to select and purchase premium quality fertilizers and top-quality potato seed, taking advantage of collective action as a way to reduce the cost of inputs. As a result of this initiative, number of Cooperatives along with the farmer beneficiaries are increasing year by year.

ADF has been in business with Bamyan Cooperatives for the past eight years. This year 53 agricultural Cooperatives (mostly potato growers) with 1,447 farmer members from Center, Yakawalang, Panjab, and Waras District of Bamyan had access to credit through the Agricultural Development Fund. This year, the ADF Credit Committee based on the ADF Management’s request approved two loans for Bamyan Cooperatives totaling AFN 166.6 Million.

ADF in close collaboration with Bamyan DAIL commenced the distribution of fertilizers to farmers. On May 11, 2019, His Excellency Mohammad Taher Zuhair (Bamyan Governor), Mr. Abdul Wahab Mohammadi (Bamyan DAIL Director), ADF Representatives, and officials from Bamyan DAIL Cooperatives Department officially inaugurated the distribution of fertilizers program in Central Bamyan. During the opening ceremony while addressing the participants, the Governor expressed his deep appreciation and sincere gratitude to ADF for its constant support to farmers. He indicated that the ADF program in Bamyan has been remarkably constructive and successful and hope the farmers get maximum benefit to increase their yields.

Bamyan DAIL Director in his speech said that the ADF loan program to Bamyan Cooperatives aimed at meeting the credit needs of the farmers in order for them to increase the potato production. ADF stays committed to continue its financial and technical support to help Bamyan farmers grow their enterprises in order to improve the livelihood of their families, return profits to their respective Cooperatives so that the farmers can receive services in the future, and ultimately produce the best quality potato for export to international markets and domestic consumption.


ADF's MissionsTo stimulate growth of Afghanistan's agricultural sector by providing farmers and agribusinesses with access to financial services to increase productivity, improve the quality of their crops and harness market opportunities. This will support the MAIL's broader goals of restoring Afghanistan's licit agricultural economy & contribution.


How does ADF Work?Groups of small commercial farmers and business entrepreneurs engaged in agriculture, and who have a viable business idea can approach the ADF offices in Jalalabad, Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Bamyan or Kabul. Depending on the scale of their operation, experienced lending advisors will initiate a loan application, or will refer them to some of ADF's lending partners.


Technical ServicesFinancial intermediaries and agribusiness entrepreneurs borrowing funds from the ADF can access a variety of services to improve the productivity and quality, to reduce post-harvest loses and to access new markets.  The ADF provides these services to ensure the success of agribusiness endeavors and thereby enable its clients to honor their obligation to repay the loans.

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