adf-home-pageThe Agricultural Development Fund (ADF) is a standalone government owned financial institution with the fundamental purpose of making credit available to the agriculture sector. The target clientele of the ADF includes small commercial farmers. As well as agribusinesses engaged in distribution of agricultural inputs, producers of high-value crops, processors and exporters of agricultural products.

ADF functions as a wholesale lender, channeling credit through financial and non-financial institutions. Agricultural credit provided by the ADF is enabling farmers and other players in the agriculture sector to put in practice modern production, processing and market development practices acquired in the last decade.

ADF is working in conjunction with ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock. www.mail.gov.af


adf-home-pageWith a view to bringing the working days of the Agricultural Development Fund (which is a part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock) in sync with the other offices of the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, it has been decided to change the working days for the ADF. With effect from 3rd January 2019Saturdays to Wednesdays.


ADF's MissionsTo stimulate growth of Afghanistan's agricultural sector by providing farmers and agribusinesses with access to financial services to increase productivity, improve the quality of their crops and harness market opportunities. This will support the MAIL's broader goals of restoring Afghanistan's licit agricultural economy & contribution.


How does ADF Work?Groups of small commercial farmers and business entrepreneurs engaged in agriculture, and who have a viable business idea can approach the ADF offices in Jalalabad, Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Bamyan or Kabul. Depending on the scale of their operation, experienced lending advisors will initiate a loan application, or will refer them to some of ADF's lending partners.


Technical ServicesFinancial intermediaries and agribusiness entrepreneurs borrowing funds from the ADF can access a variety of services to improve the productivity and quality, to reduce post-harvest loses and to access new markets.  The ADF provides these services to ensure the success of agribusiness endeavors and thereby enable its clients to honor their obligation to repay the loans.

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