September 2019

Jawed Afghan Wheat Thresher Company is an agricultural machinery manufacturer and an ADF existing client located in Nangarhar province. The company designs and makes its own range of purpose built products for Afghan farmers, including wheat threshers, rice shellers, seed spreaders, plough and tillers. In addition to selling agricultural machinery and implements, the company also supplies spare parts and offers an after sales service to its farmer clients.

In earlier years the company was limited to very basic manufacturing activities but, helped by ongoing financing support from the ADF since 2010, it has grown into a large-scale manufacturer involving complex processes such as material cutting and fabrication, welding, drilling, fitting and component assembly. As its owner Haji Malang is proud to claim, Jawed Afghan Wheat Thresher Company is a truly authentic Afghan business serving the needs of Afghan farmers, and even collecting much of its raw materials from local scrap dealers.

A 5th cycle ADF loan of AFN 50 million disbursed earlier in 2019 has provided needed capital for the company to expand its manufacturing of component parts previously sourced from China and Pakistan. This added capacity together with an increasing demand for agricultural implements and equipment adapted to local conditions are reasons why Haji Malang is confident his company will increase production and sales by as much as 30% this year. Several new jobs will also be created as a result of higher production capacity.

Most importantly, thousands of Afghan farmers will continue to benefit from the availability of an affordable range of locally manufactured equipment. In turn, the increasing use of agricultural mechanization will enhance food production and help to increase farm income levels.

“I always dreamed that Afghanistan would one day manufacture its own agricultural machinery. ADF made my dream to come true, and the ADF loan gave me the opportunity be part of this process, create new jobs and help farmers.   Haji Malang, Owner Of JAVID AFGHAN THRESHER, a recipient of an ADF Loan in Jalalabad, Afghanistan  

Jawed Afghan Wheat Thresher Company is an outstanding example of how continuing financial support can unlock the latent potential of an agribusiness that plays an invaluable role in the development of Afghanistan’s agriculture sector.  

Since inception, ADF has disbursed more than AFN 7.6 billion in loans to agribusinesses and financial intermediaries across Afghanistan. While ADF has the ability to cater to the needs of most actors in the agricultural value chains, its focus is on small commercial farmers and agribusinesses. This focus derives from the notion that investments in commercial farming have the greatest likelihood of contribution to the growth of the agricultural sector.

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