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The Knowledge Management Facility (KMF) is a collaborative effort of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation and Agriculture Credit Enhancement (ACE) Program. The Knowledge Management facility will be responsible for a) the integration and archiving of agricultural data in a single unit, b) the consolidation of existing data into more reliable, understandable and usable products c) the dissemination of agriculture related information making it accessible to a wide range of actors involved in the agriculture sector. The KMF will be based within the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock and will capitalize on data generated by several development projects, ensuring the sustainability of the databases and most importantly, transforming data into products targeted to different audiences, ensuring the soundness of agribusiness decisions.


Prices Time Series: Historical price data from different commodities and markets within and outside
Afghanistan will be integrated in a single database, making it accessible to all actors in the agricultural value chains.

Trade Flows Time Series: Data regarding trade flows of agricultural products will be kept by commodity and trade partner in tabular and graphical time series with search filters that allow easy access.

Secondary Sources Data Archiving and Dissemination: These will include all reports regarding agriculture markets generated by a variety of organizations, which will be catalogued and made accessible to interested parties.

KMF Products: The KMF will capitalize on the existing agriculture related market information such as price and production databases, trade flows, and export procedures to produce user friendly, usable and understandable market briefs, product briefs, sub sector studies and ad-hoc reports.

Web Platform: Will constitute a home for all agriculture related information on the Internet, making it widely accessible.

Brand Identity: The KMF will use the brand name PAYWAND – The Dari term for "connection" also used in the agriculture context to depict "grafting".

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