Carpet weaving is often perceived as a cruel industry; women work long hours in places with insufficient lighting, and in inadequate quarters. Traders typically provide them with raw materials; months later they would collect the carpets and pay meager wages to the weavers. Agricultural credit is progressively transforming the carpet industry, introducing socially responsible practices, which at the same time allow carpet weavers to take advantage of a market niche for socially responsible products. An example is the Ghulgula Carpet Weavers Cooperative, in the Bamyan province of Afghanistan. The Agricultural Development Fund (ADF) provided the cooperative with a loan to enable female weavers to purchase raw materials, allowing them to sell their carpets to the highest bidder. A small grant from the ADF also partially covered the cost of operation of four daycare centers, where children receive preschool education. The grants also provide occupational safety, health counseling and eye testing for the weavers. The Cooperative is currently marketing their hand woven carpets under the brand BAMYAN Carpets, woven by Afghan Women. The cooperatives specialize in two types of carpets, traditional of central Afghanistan. ADF is a financial institution supporting the growth of Afghan agriculture. Since its inception the Fund has processed loans worth more than US$93 million, reaching 24,000 farm households in 33 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. Through innovations like this, the ADF is demonstrating the game changing power of credit.


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