The ADF provides farmers with access to finance, and technical assistance in corps production and particularly facilitating sales to high value markets. This allows the ADF to reduce credit risk while helping its clients’ success in their enterprises.

ADF has financed more than 150 cooperatives in Bamyan province for the last four years for potato cultivation. These loans were made to them for purchase of potato seed and fertilizers to improve the production.

During the visits most of the Cooperative have explained that they are very happy with their crop so far and believe that their production is increased by 20-30% through the ADF loans, because these farmers (member of Coops) had never been able to afford these inputs before.

The team consisted from ADF Technical Services Unit/Lending Team, Bamyan Loan officers and a representative from Provincial DAIL Department Mr. Haji Haqjoy (the head of Cooperative Department) visited the stock of fertilizer before and/or during the distribution process in order to verify the quality of the purchased fertilizer (DAP and Urea) in different locations of central Bamyan.

This year in total 28 Potato cooperatives (19 in center and 9 in Waras districts) received 5,114 bags of DAP & 10,350 bags of Urea fertilizers under the ADF approved loan for 2015 Potato growing season.

To date ADF has approved over US$106 million in loans. These loans are directly benefiting over 30,000 farmers in 32 provinces.


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