THE ADF IS HERE TO STAY - Press Release December 2014 - Kabul

Press Release

Kabul December, 2014
Phone: +93 20 250 48 35

The Agricultural Development Fund (ADF) is a government owned financial institution serving the agriculture sector. The registration of the ADF as a standalone non-bank financial institution was approved through Presidential Decree 6620 dated 11/10/1390, and its bylaws were approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in December 2012.

The ADF is governed by a High Council composed by high level representatives of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, together with representatives from the private sector and the donor community.

The ADF is not a project; it is in fact an Afghan institution expected to provide financial services indefinitely. Thanks to contributions of various donors the ADF expects to continue expanding its portfolio serving a larger number of farmers, agribusiness entrepreneurs.

Thus far, the ADF has approved loans worth AFN 5.9 billion to some 30,000 farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs in 33 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces.

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