The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock is giving thousands of Afghan farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs the opportunity to benefit from access to credit.

Javid Afghan Thresher, a company based in the eastern city of Jalalabad is one of the beneficiaries of ADF. Its owner, Haji Malang who until 6 years ago worked as a welder for a small workshop has become the first large-scale manufacturer of wheat and rice threshers and farm trailers in Afghanistan.

The loan provided to the company will enable Javid Afghan Threshers to increase its production by 20 percent, generating 60 new jobs, as well as to manufacture components previously imported from China and Pakistan.
This increase in output will benefit over 1,200 farmers that will have access to of first-stage processing, reducing post-harvest losses and increasing their incomes.

Haji Malang is one of 5,800 farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs supported by the ADF since its launch in July 2010. An innovation of the program is the introduction of Sharia-compliant financial products, in agreement with the religious and cultural norms of the country.

With investments like this, MAIL is supporting the growth of commercial agriculture in Afghanistan, facilitating the transition from a subsidies and grants to fully commercial financial services.


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